Industrial Fan Safety Net Cover For Finger Protection

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Get ready to say goodbye to the fear of finger cut injuries in your workplace! Our Fan Safety Net Cover is the ultimate solution to workplace safety. Made from 100% Virgin HDPE plastic, our cover is not only durable, but also UV-stabilized and flame-retardant.
What’s more, our innovative design allows air to flow freely through the cover with preventing damage from UV rays and the spread of fire. As a manufacturing, exporting, and supplying company, we take pride in providing a comprehensive range of Industrial Fan Safety Mesh Cover that meet international quality standards.
Our covers are designed with high precision under the supervision of our experts, ensuring the ultimate in workplace safety. Choose our Industrial Fan Safety Net Cover for the peace of mind that comes with knowing your employees are protected

Importance of product

A Industrial fan safety net cover is a protective measure designed to prevent finger injuries caused by contact with fan blades. The cover acts as a barrier between the blades and the user’s fingers, reducing the risk of cuts and other injuries.

This type of cover is particularly useful in settings where fans are used frequently, such as in Industries, schools, gyms, and public spaces. By implementing a fan safety net cover, individuals can enjoy the benefits of air circulation without worrying about potential injuries

Technical Specifications

  • Material :- High Quality Virgin Grade HDPE
  • Advance Feature :- UV Stabilized + Flame Retardant
  • Mesh Size / Structure :- 12 mm / Hexagonal
  • Thickness :- 1.50 mm
  • Closing :- Velcro Base
  • Color :- Natural White / Green / Black
  • Self-Life: 5 Years

Available Standard Fan Size Cover :- 400 mm (16”), 450 mm (18”), 600 mm (24”), 750 mm (30”), 900 mm (36”)

Function and Features

  • Make a 100% Finger cut protection from Both Side of Fan.  
  • Easy Installation, removal and Re-installation.
  • Strong & Flexible.
  • Unique Design and Polymer property.
  • Durable & Light weight.
  • No Risk of Human Injury
  • UV Stabilized and rust proof, No Need to painting.
  • Maintenance Free and Economical.
  • Suitable for Cleaning by Air and Washables .
  • No More Air Obstruction
  • Weather and Chemical Resistant.

Nowadays, Our innovative products are in high demand in industries to achieve company safety goals and are necessary during safety audits for establishing occupational safety and health systems.

Special Design & Customize solutions Provide for Required Area.

industrial fan safety net cover product specifications

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